The Difference

When you are managing a complex infrastructure it is often difficult to tell the difference between what is needed and what your vendors want to sell, whether it be product or services.

That is what I3Technologies is intended to help with. To help you tell what is good (for you) and what is not.

I3Technologies is Anthony Callanan. I have worked in IT for 25 years. I have worked on all sorts of communications systems, going back to the early days of LAN technology. I gained my CCIE in 1998 and  have worked on a variety of Cisco routers and switches.

I moved on to IP telephony and Converged Communications systems and I have worked on Cisco, Asterisk and Microsoft telephony systems, and interfaced them to other vendors systems. Most recently I have been looking at the impact of IPv6 on IT Infrastructure.

I believe that I can help you, by giving you an independent view about how your IT infrastructure may need to develop. In particular what you need to do to get ready for IPv6, and how to plan a transition to a Unified Communications network.

You can contact me on 0402189755 or at

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